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The New Intel® Microarchitecture

A huge leap for performance, graphics, and security

Discover what’s possible with new devices that have Intel Inside®

With the release of the Intel® microarchitecture formerly known as Haswell, the next generation of computing devices can get even faster, thinner, and lighter, while performing substantially better than before. From multitasking to multimedia, you’ll enjoy dramatic improvements in graphics and media processing, battery life, and online security, among other benefits. See how this new platform transforms multiple product lines, starting with devices featuring 4th gen Intel® Core™ processors.

Thinner, more stylish, and more portable than ever

The new platform not only scales to the demands of tablets, desktop PCs, and other devices, its more energy-efficient structure improves battery life. That means greater mobility with zero compromise in performance. In Ultrabook™ devices, for example, you’ll see slimmer, more stylish designs—many featuring touch-screen and voice functionality—in a wide range of convertible and detachable models.

Better graphics, more engaging experiences

Experience HD movies, stunning photos, and immersive 3D games with a suite of visual enhancements built into new Intel Core processors—no extra hardware required. Intel® Graphics Technology and other built-in visuals1 perform advanced media processing and graphics-heavy applications, and support the latest devices that stream ultra-high 4K-resolution content. It’s all great news for high-quality video and audio with 4th gen Intel® Wireless Display (Intel® WiDi), which lets you wirelessly stream all the things you love—movies, photos, websites, and more—live from a range of devices directly to your HDTV.

More security features built in

More security features built in

New Intel® Core™ processors deliver deeper protection for some of the most secure online experiences to date. Built-in security provides multiple lines of defense that go beyond the operating system. Among them, technologies such as Intel® Identity Protection Technology and Intel® Anti-Theft Technology protect your identity and access to your personal data at the processor level, and work in conjunction with additional safeguards such as McAfee LiveSafe™ service to keep you and your data safe.

Systems respond faster

Systems respond faster

A variety of smart features take you from zero to go in no time, while quickly adapting to your needs. Get up and running quickly and enjoy faster resume times with Intel® Rapid Start Technology. Wait less with faster access to the files and applications you use most with Intel® Smart Response Technology.2 Enjoy the thrill of an automatic burst of speed when you need it with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0.3 And effortlessly move between applications with smart multitasking delivered by Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology (Intel® HT Technology).4

Informações de produto e desempenho


1. A Intel® Clear Video HD Technology não está ativada em todos os PCs e pode ser necessário o uso de software otimizado. Verifique com o fabricante do seu PC. Saiba mais em

2. Requer um processador Intel® específico, chipset habilitado, software da Tecnologia de armazenamento Intel® Rapid e uma unidade híbrida (HDD + SSD pequena) adequadamente configurada. Dependendo da configuração do sistema, os resultados podem variar. Para obter informações, entre em contato com o fabricante do seu sistema. 

3. Requer um sistema com a Tecnologia Intel® Turbo Boost. A Tecnologia Intel Turbo Boost e a Tecnologia Intel Turbo Boost 2.0 estão disponíveis apenas em determinados processadores Intel®. Consulte o fabricante do seu PC. O desempenho varia dependendo do hardware, software e da configuração do sistema. Para obter mais informações, visite:

4. Disponível em determinados processadores Intel® Core™. Requer um sistema compatível com a tecnologia Hyper-Threading Intel®. Consulte o fabricante do seu PC. O desempenho varia de acordo com as configurações específicas de hardware e software utilizadas. Para obter mais informações que contenham os detalhes sobre quais são os processadores compatíveis com a tecnologia HT, visite: