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Intel® Cloud Builders Guide to Cloud Design and Deployment on Intel® Platforms:Lenovo* Secure Cloud Access powered by Stoneware webNetwork*

Audience and purpose
As cloud computing continues to accelerate within the marketplace, a growing disconnect is being created between the cloud and the client. This technical paper discusses how Lenovo*, using Secure Cloud Access (Lenovo* SCA), addresses this problem by leveraging Intel’s client-aware cloud Web APIs to create a richer cloud experience for the end user by making the cloud aware of the client and its capabilities.

Over the last three years, many forms of cloud computing have evolved focusing on the delivery of software, infrastructure, desktops, and content. Because many of these service offerings are Web-based in nature, they have had little focus on the role of the client in cloud computing architectures. Intel, with partners like Lenovo*, understands that the client can play a more valuable role in the delivery of cloud services. This underlying belief led Intel to create the client-aware cloud Web APIs (Application Programming Interface). The client-aware cloud Web APIs expose contextual information about the client that can be consumed by any cloud service for the purpose of enhancing the delivery of cloud solutions to the end device. Lenovo’s Secure Cloud Access (SCA) is one of the first “client aware” cloud products in the market to utilize the Intel Web APIs for the purpose of enhancing the delivery of applications, content, and services from the cloud.

Why a cloud ready client is important
A cloud ready client (CRC) improves the way cloud services are delivered by enabling smarter delivery of services. Rather than a one-size- fits-all model, where the delivery of cloud services is driven from the data center, a more balanced approach is enabled with cloud ready clients, such as Lenovo Secure Cloud Access.

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