Impact of Cloud on IT Consumption Models: Top 10 Insights

Top 10 Insights on Impact of Cloud on IT Consumption Models: Brief

In only a few short years, cloud has altered the information technology landscape for both large enterprises and midsize businesses—and yet the transformation is only beginning. Increasing end-user technical and experience demands, rapid and simultaneous technology transitions, and a constantly shifting busin...ess environment are all fueling further cloud proliferation. And organizations are being challenged with a fundamental shift in the IT consumption lifecycle. In this environment, they are looking to accelerate their adoption of this game-changing cloud technology while effectively mediating multiple sources of services and service assets, modularizing architectures, and delivering a complete service to their constituents.

Another factor in this transformation is unprecedented Internet growth. Cisco estimates that there were “only” about 200 million things connected to the Internet in the year 2000. Driven by advances in mobile technology and the bring your own device (BYOD) trend, among others, this number has increased to approximately 10 billion today. A dramatic upsurge to 50 billion connected people, processes, and things is expected by 2020.

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