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Plan Your Private Cloud Project

Create a private cloud roadmap with help from Intel® Experts

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Here are some tips on how to map out a private cloud solution. These will help you address any challenges and result in the best combination of performance capabilities and cost-effectiveness.

The following resources are designed to help you plan for a flexible and efficient private cloud. 

Get to know the technology for tomorrow’s cloud

Get to Know the Technology for Tomorrow’s Cloud

This step-by-step planning guide prepares your data center for cloud computing with unified networking, scale-out storage, trusted server pools, and power management. Then, you’ll have a strategy to build a next-generation data center.

Download the planning guide (21 pages) >

Private cloud best practices from IT@Intel

Private Cloud Best Practices from IT@Intel

Get insights from the Intel IT team that led a multiyear effort to build the best enterprise private cloud possible. Their experience solidified the best practices protocol to maximize the benefits of your cloud.

Download the white paper (14 pages) >

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