Intel® System Modeling and Simulation

  • Model and Simulate System Behavior
  • Intel® CoFluent™ Technology

    Provides system-level modeling and simulation tools that enable embedded device and chip designers to imagine and validate new concepts and architectures.

  • Intel® CoFluent™ Studio

    Model and simulate the behavior, timing requirements, architecture and performance estimates (throughput, latency, load, power, memory, cost) of any electronic system.

  • Intel® CoFluent™ Reader

    Intel® CoFluent™ Reader allows users to freely share models and simulation results and observations with other project stakeholders.

System-level modeling and simulation


Used throughout product development lifecycle for:

  • Innovation

    Capturing with minimal effort the design intent in reusable models that mix new features and legacy, allowing for early patent application.

  • Optimization

    Finding the optimal architecture and power efficiency through design space exploration free of the full hardware/software code.

  • Validation

    Defining use case scenarios for validating the real-time behavior, predicting performance and generating test cases for implementation.