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Diversity Initiatives

In keeping with Intel’s Global Diversity leadership goal, we have developed a series of strategic initiatives to increase the diversity of our employee population. These focus on delivering programs to attract, develop, retain, and connect employees and leverage our leaders to mentor and sponsor diverse employees.

Diverse Ethnicity Initiatives: African American, Hispanic and Native American

Programs to help develop and retain our ethnically diverse employees include leadership conferences, mentor programs and the extremely successful Blueprint for Excellence program—a comprehensive nine month leadership development series designed to provide actionable tools for advancing the careers of African American, Hispanic, and Native American employees. The Network of Intel African American employees, Intel Latino Network and Intel Native American Network are employee resource groups that play integral roles in the development and retention initiatives, as do the Intel Black and Hispanic Leadership councils who serve as role models, sponsors, and advisors.

Diverse Ability

The programs to attract and retain individuals with disabilities center on our Intel Diverse Abilities Network employee resource group. Providing resources not only for their members, our Diverse Ability Network also drives educational events for Intel employees both locally and globally. 

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer

Intel is committed to building awareness and inclusion around our LGBTQ community of employees. Intel’s LGBTQ employee resource group creates allies and mentors for LGBTQ employees, educates employees, and others on the unique experiences of members of this community, and brings visibility to Intel’s diversity leadership externally.


Intel strives to deliver programs that foster development and retention and leverage Intel’s female executives as visible, proactive role models. The Women at Intel Network (WIN), an employee resource group with chapters located all over the world, plays a key role in developing our women employees. Intel’s Network of Executive Women (INEW) advances women’s initiatives and champions' efforts that are focused on identifying, mentoring, and developing talent. Successful programs include Command Presence Workshop, Women’s Principal Engineer & Fellows Forum and Act Now: Create Possibilities for Women and Girls/10 X 10.


Intel recognizes that military service exposes veterans to critical, transferrable skills that are highly valued in the technology industry, and seeks to be the tech employer of choice for veterans and their families. The real-world, practical experience that veterans bring to our workplace embodies the attributes that support our success as a company: leadership, dedication, and “possibility thinking.”  Currently this initiative supports programs both inside and outside of Intel, including a nationwide mentoring program through America Corporate Partners which connects veterans with professionals from top corporations and select universities.