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Support Business with Enterprise Ultrabook™ Devices

Support Business with Enterprise Ultrabook™ Devices

Ultrabook™ for the Enterprise—The CIO Perspective
Enterprise Ultrabook™ devices include features that strongly support business usage models. The Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor-based Ultrabook is built for business and engineered for security. From an IT standpoint, Ultrabooks meet the requirements of a corporate mobile platform refresh standard. The devices are made to be used in mobile and office environments, designed for multiyear refresh cycles, and have manageability and security built into the platform. They combine portable performance and support for touch-enabled apps with power efficiency, advanced encryption, and protection—enabling user productivity and IT manageability.

Consume When You Want. Create When You Need To.
End-user expectations of compute devices are on the rise. Users are responding to the allure of consumer technologies that are more convenient, easier to use, and change frequently in response to market trends and tastes. The PC industry is in competition with the consumer product industry, each with its own value proposition, but with diametrically opposed benefits and consequences for each constituency it serves. In this tug of war, consumers have successfully secured their right to use their iPads*, iPhones*, and Android* devices by overwhelming IT in sheer numbers. With the release of next-generation Ultrabooks from Intel, the divide between mobile devices and PCs is narrowing.

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