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Inspiring a Better Future for the Environment

Discover how forward-thinking, innovative individuals, companies, and governments use technology to help create a more sustainable world


Sara Volz works in her lab

‘Algae Girl’ on quest to save the planet

Seventeen-year-old Sara Volz develops an artificial selection method to establish populations of algae cells with high oil content as economically feasible biofuel sources, winning the Intel Science Talent Search (Intel STS).

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Ben Gulak on his cycle

Clearing the air on one or two wheels

Inspired by a trip to Beijing, Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF) finalist and entrepreneur Ben Gulak created a convertible electric unicycle, an eco-friendly solution to clear the city’s air by reducing emissions and congestion on city streets.

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Greenway biomass stove

Families breathe easier with biomass stove

Biomass stoves developed by India-based Greenway Grameen Infra enable clean, efficient combustion to reduce families’ smoke inhalation and exposure to noxious emissions while minimizing the harmful effect of pollutants on the environment.

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Mohammad Dzarul Dol Malek

A sweet answer to battery power

Mohammad Dzarul Dol Malek ferments brown sugar and invasive plants from a Malaysian sugarcane farm to produce electricity, creating inspiration for organic batteries to replace current versions polluting the waste stream.

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Divers in coral reefs

Restoring coral, fish, and local pride

Students JP Biyo, Hazel Hernandez, and Paul Flores create artificial coral reefs using bamboo, providing an inexpensive way to boost marine life in Banate Bay, Philippines and winning an award at the 2012 Intel ISEF.

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Students in Argentina

A thorny solution to deforestation

Argentinean high school students use Intel International Science and Engineering Fair project to save local “Crown of Thorns” trees from deforestation by finding new uses for the trees and petitioning the local government to create a reserve.

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