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Researcher from Intel Labs

Lose your keys, forever

Through research from Intel Labs, you may soon lose your keys forever as new facial geometry, biometric data, and voice recognition technology enable each person to become their own key and password.

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Ultrabook™ systems to fight poverty around the world.

Ultrabook™ helps fight poverty, one child at a time

ChildFund International uses Ultrabook™ systems to fight poverty around the world, efficiently collecting and analyzing data to speed the delivery of food, education, and healthcare.

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Workers in a cassava field

Technology helps fight hunger at its roots

Great Lakes Cassava Initiative and Intel provide rugged Intel® classmate PCs to help educate farmers in Africa about crop diseases, restoring food security, and fighting hunger.

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Shining a Digital Light on Chinese Shadow Play

Shining a digital light on Chinese shadow play

Wang Haoran and fellow Xidian University students preserve a unique piece of cultural history for new generations by applying innovative technology to the traditional art of Chinese shadow play.

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Closing the Sign Language Gap in China

Closing the sign language gap in China

Chinese Sign Language Recognition and Translation System uses Intel® Atom™ processor-based platform and Microsoft Kinect* to close the communications gap between deaf people and the hearing world by translating sign language into text and sound.

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Mining conflict-free minerals

Mining conflict-free minerals

Intel promotes cross-industry efforts to mine conflict-free minerals in the Congo and other countries to counter violence, genocide, and exploitation associated with the electronics production supply chain.

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Batik Fractal’s Nancy Margried

Preserving batik art in Indonesia

Batik Fractal’s Nancy Margried uses 3D modeling and mathematical software to create nature-inspired batik patterns, reviving an ancient Indonesian tradition through technology.

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CT Imaging, Even for the Tiniest Patients

CT imaging, even for the tiniest patients

Doctors use innovative CT imaging to get fast, high-quality results while managing pediatric CT radiation risk with quicker scan times and lower radiation doses through Philips Healthcare technology.

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