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Sustainability Initiatives and Policies

Intel takes a leadership position in voluntary environmental projects.

At global and local levels, Intel takes a leadership position in voluntary environmental projects. While considering our ecological footprint, we also drive global standards for products and manufacturing that ensure energy-efficient performance.

Industry collaboration

Intel works with other organizations, customers, and businesses to find and lead industry-wide environmental initiatives. These programs help minimize the footprint of the computing industry and encourage environmentally responsible computing and business practices.

Products with a smaller ecological footprint

We strive to minimize the environmental impact of our products at all phases in their life cycle: development, production, use, and ultimate disposal.

Intel Open Energy Initiative

Intel works to empower energy consumers and accelerate the development of renewable energy, smart grids, and buildings.

Community engagement

Over the past three years, Intel employees have donated more than 3 million hours of service in their local communities, including volunteering for environmental projects.

Here are some ways we engage with local communities:

Quick Facts

  • Since 2008, Intel  has linked a portion of every employee’s variable compensation—from front-line employees to our CEO—to the achievement of environmental sustainability metrics.
  • Intel employees are encouraged to find ways to innovate sustainability in their jobs and are recognized by Intel Environment Excellence Awards.