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Introducing the Intel® Desktop Board DZ77GA-70K. Maximize your overclocking performance with the Intel® -K Processors and Intel’s best -K series Desktop Board, DZ77GA-70K.

Once again with the introduction of the Intel® Desktop Board DZ77GA-70K, Intel is offering the board of choice for gamers and performance enthusiasts everywhere. In combination with the new Intel® Visual BIOS, this board is sure to satisfy every need of the performance enthusiasts who seek to push the envelope and squeeze every bit of performance possible out of their systems. Best in a series of newly introduced -K Intel® Desktop Boards, the DZ77GA-70K is highly optimized to take full advantage of the Intel® -K processors. Combination of very sophisticated board hardware design and ease of performance tuning and overclocking of the core, graphics, and memory offered by the Intel® Visual BIOS make the DZ77GA-70K our best board for the Intel® -K processors. Intel® -K Series Desktop Board plus Intel® -K processor equals performance. Intel® Visual BIOS Advanced Overclocking
The new Intel® Visual BIOS offers graphical interface and animated controls which allow you to configure settings faster and take full advantage of your Intel® -K processors. Also, included within the Intel® Visual BIOS, the Intel® Overclocking Assistant1 provides single-step overclocking boosts to quickly maximize your gaming advantage. This is a very user-friendly feature which allows easy overclocking of core, graphics, and memory. Intel Visual BIOS operates by your choice of touch screen, keys, or mouse. All controls are literally at your fingertips, in a format you can visualize.

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