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Estudo de caso: As primeiras mulheres a atravessar o Oceano Índico a remo usaram um classmate PC para se manter em contato

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Case Study: 1st Women to Row Across Indian Ocean Used Classmate PC

78 Days at Sea, But the Intel-Powered Classmate PC Stays Afloat

The first women to ever row across the Indian Ocean completed the perilous trip thanks to careful planning, sheer determination, and an Intel-powered classmate PC that kept them in touch with the world.

• Ocean Angels*, a group of four extreme sports enthusiasts, set out to become the first all-female crew to row the Indian Ocean – a 3,100 nautical mile trip in a 29-foot rowing boat that would take nearly three months and push them, and their gear, to their limits.
• Inclement weather, 40-foot waves, cramped quarters, and minimal solar-generated power make the open ocean a hostile environment for sensitive computing equipment. Ocean Angels needed a rugged, lightweight, power-efficient laptop to keep them online throughout the trip.

• Despite the challenging conditions, an Intel-powered classmate PC worked the entire way, recharging on solar power and interfacing smoothly with an Iridium* satellite phone to keep the four women in touch with family, friends, and the world via blog, email and phone.
• The ability to get online throughout the trip – even when there was no land for 1,500 miles in any direction – kept team morale high by enabling regular contact with the outside world. They were able to easily share their progress, track changing weather conditions, and communicate with supporters around the world.

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