Sustainable Funding. Sustainable Results

Securing long-term funding for technology requires a comprehensive approach that covers all aspects of education transformation—from acquisition and support to professional development, curriculum, and beyond

Transforming Education Through Sustainable Resourcing

Successful educational technology initiatives should be focused on sustained improvements in student outcomes. Despite funding challenges, ministries of education, state governments, and other funding bodies must holistically integrate ICT-enabled learning into long-term operating budgets.

Use the Intel Education Transformation Model to gain strategies and recommendations for developing a practical, comprehensive plan and budget that is designed to secure long-term ICT funding.

Sustainable resourcing for ICT is essential to enable transformation, improve educational outcomes, and reduce the attainment gap.

Valerie Thompson, Chief Executive Officer, e-Learning Foundation
As the nonprofit foundation’s CEO, Valerie Thompson has worked with schools in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe to establish sustainable learning technology programs.

Case Studies

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