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Lenovo Provides NFL with Pro Performance Case Study

Lenovo Provides NFL with Pro Performance Case Study

Founded in 1920, the NFL developed the model for the successful modern sports league, including extensive revenue sharing, competitive excellence, strong franchises and national distribution. The NFL is the industry leader on a wide range of fronts. In fact, Business Week magazine calls the NFL “one of America’s best-run businesses.”

The NFL relies on technology to seamlessly run many aspects of its business—both at games and at the League office. In 2007, the NFL turned to Lenovo, the world’s largest PC maker, to help serve the needs of its various departments with the company’s innovative products, including workstations, desktops, and the iconic ThinkPad* laptop PCs. As a natural extension of that relationship, Lenovo entered into a marketing partnership with the NFL in 2012, becoming the official computer provider for the league.

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