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Case Study: Intel® Embedded Products Creating the Future in Fitness

Intel® Architecture Creates the Future of Fitness: Case Study

Take a glimpse into tomorrow’s digital health club.

Imagine a future where technology is seamlessly integrated into the fitness experience—from the time you arrive at the club to the time you leave…and beyond! A future where health and fitness goals can be reached without guesswork, helping you move more confidently toward your better self. A future with uninterrupted connection to entertainment, information, personal health data, and social contacts to make fitness a seamless extension of your digitally connected world.

Imagine a future where club owners and managers will find it quicker, simpler, and more cost-effective to meet the needs and desires of club members—with new revenue opportunities along the way—and where fitness equipment can be remotely managed and updated with minimal time and expense.

Intel has.

At Intel, we’re working with industry leaders to turn this vision into reality, transforming the fitness experience at every turn. Join the digital fitness revolution, as Intel® architecture helps deliver a media-rich user experience, reduce development time and costs, enable superior manageability, and provide the performance necessary to support future development.

Read the full Intel® Architecture Creates the Future of Fitness Case Study.

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