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Using Mobile Point of Care to Improve Healthcare Delivery

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The healthcare industry is in the midst of transformative change. It is undergoing reform through initiatives that focus on improving patient outcomes, tying provider reimbursements to quality metrics (rather than traditional fee for service), adopting electronic medical record (EMR) systems, and developing accountable care organizations (ACOs). One reason ACOs, and similar types of healthcare models around the world, are growing is to reduce the high rate of patients returning to the emergency room and or being readmitted to the hospital. According to the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission, in the United States, the current 30-day readmission rate for Medicare patients is greater than 20 percent.1 As a result, many hospitals are forfeiting Medicare funds, which can result in a loss of millions of dollars. However, the long-term success of ACOs will depend on technology-supported collaboration among healthcare practitioners. A new Health IT model, mobile point of care (MPOC), is showing promise for enhanced healthcare delivery.