Intel, McAfee Deliver Industrial System Security, Manageability

Intel, McAfee Deliver Industrial System Security, Manageability

Once operated as closed and proprietary systems, traditional industrial automation networks were largely protected from outside threats. But as the devices on today’s factory floors grow more connected to each other and the network as part of the Internet of Things, security and manageability are becoming increasingly critical ...requirements.

Those tasked with securing today’s factory automation systems face a big job. Multiple zones must be addressed, from corporate IT, to native supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), to device networks, and each has its own unique technical challenges. Moreover, because these infrastructures comprise a diverse set of networks, they cannot be effectively secured by simply “bolting on” technologies designed for enterprise IT.

A comprehensive solution requires multiple products to create layers of security that operate together without introducing undue complexity, degrading performance, or impacting availability.

Complete Protection Through Hardware and Software
Intel provides a broad spectrum of hardware- and software-based manageability solutions, while the Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor family also provides integrated hardware support for intelligent management functions, virtualization, and platform security. Providing a significant remote management breakthrough, Intel® AMT implements a special circuit in the Intel® vPro™ technology-enabled chipset that can access and control the system, even when it is using standby power or the software is corrupted.

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