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Smart Stadiums Lead in Profitability, Fan Experience, and Security

Solution Brief: Using sensors, cameras, and digital signs connected by the Internet of Things, smart stadiums can enhance the fan experience.

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Big Cloud Analytics Drives Better In-Store Engagement

Brief: See how Intel® IoT Gateway and Big Cloud Analytics are helping recognize customers and predict their future behaviors with in-store engagement.

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The Next Revolution in Retail—Intel® Technology at NRF 2016

Explore the latest solutions featuring Intel® technology at NRF 2016, including products from BestFit, Cisco, Microsoft, and more.

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Retail Solutions for Technology Providers

Explore proven retail IoT solutions for Technology Providers that harness big data insights, protect data, and create new experiences.

Simple, Effective Solutions for Retailers

Discover secure, flexible Intel® solutions for retailers that help connect your organization’s channels and systems for an experience customers love.

Transforming Campaigns with Interactive 3D Holographic Kiosks

Brief: Powered by Intel® technologies, Provision 3D holographic kiosks lead to more focused campaigns and higher sales for brands and retailers.

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SATO and Intel Bring Advanced Analytics to In-Store Retail

Solution Brief: SATO and Intel integrate hardware and software to bring analytics to retail for inventory accuracy and actionable business insight.

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Intel® Retail Sensor Platform Transforms Inventory Management

Solution Brief: Intel® Retail Sensor Platform expands inventory management and provides customized analytics to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

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Intel® Retail Sensor Platform Delivers Accurate Inventory

White Paper: The Intel® Retail Sensor Platform delivers inventory accuracy so retailers can quickly deploy innovative solutions informed by analytics.

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Infographic: Real-time Inventory with Intel® RSP

The Intel® Retail Sensor Platform enables real-time inventory tracking with cloud-based analytics for brick-and-mortar retail environments.