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Implementing Intel® AMT on Intel® Express Chipset Using Super I/O

White Paper: BIOS, hardware, power sequence, and timing considerations for designing an Intel® AMT platform solution with Super I/O. (Feb. 2010)

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Power Management Study on Intel® Architecture

White Paper: Power management study results include the new deeper C6-State, P-State, and T-State policies to achieve lower power. (v.001, Mar. 2010)

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Intel® vPro™ Technology on 3rd Gen Intel® Core™ Processors: Guide

Design-In Guide: Enable and implement Intel® vPro™ technology components on 3rd gen Intel® Core™ processor-based platforms. (v.1.02, May 2011)

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Huron River Platform Design Without Embedded Controller: App Note

Application Note: Investigates possible Huron River platform work around for low power board design without an embedded controller. (v.001, Apr. 2010)

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USB-Controlled VREF Margining Card, UVMC8: User Guide

Guide: The UVMC8 USB-controlled VREF margining card is a tool used to override a platform’s reference voltage for margining. (v.1, Sept. 2002)

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Context-aware Connected Embedded Mobile Devices: Pres

Presentation: Describes context-aware connected embedded device motivation and architecture at Intel® Embedded Education Summit 2010. (Mar. 2010)

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Embedded Research Agenda Pipeline and Funding Strategy

Presentation: Insight into Intel’s global embedded research agenda, challenges, and focus areas to create greater shared research value. (Mar. 2010)

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Integrated Platform Research: System-on-a-Chip Trends

Presentation: Covers System-on-a-Chip industry trends, market needs, and challenges at Intel® Embedded Education Summit 2010. (Mar. 2010)

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Integrated Clock Control BIOS Collateral Update

Presentation: Integrated Clock Control BIOS collateral update details: buffer through mode, baseline, and extended configuration. (v.001, Apr. 2010)

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Intel® Management Engine Test Suite V.2.x Tutorial

Tutorial provides detailed Intel® Management Engine Test Suite overview with installation instructions, “how to”, and performance. (Sept. 2010)

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