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Tablets com desempenho surpreendente.

Obtenha desempenho incrivelmente rápido para reproduzir, criar, entreter e inspirar com Intel Inside®.

Perspectives on Intelligent Vending

Disrupt ’13 presenters discuss new, immersive intelligent vending that enhances customer engagement, with touch, interactive gaming, and analytics.

Intel and NetApp Storage Infrastructure Alliance

Intel and NetApp heads cover new unified compute-intensive, virtualization-aware storage infrastructure for efficiency, reliability, and scalability.

A tecnologia de gráficos Intel® intensifica sua experiência com games

Os Gráficos HD Intel® e a tecnologia de gráficos Iris™ oferecem uma experiência suave com games e vídeo com qualidade de imagem superior que não requer placa adicional.

Multitask with Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology

Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology enables each 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processor to perform two tasks simultaneously.

Intel’s High-Tech Workout

Intel’s digital gym works employees harder with trainers from Core Performance*, following their progression and monitoring workouts.

Intel Initiative Strives to Reduce the Engineering Shortage

Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini introduces STAY WITH IT and talks about the need for engineers to create "something yet to be imagined."

The Future is Now with All-in-One Computer Technology

All-in-one computer technology, powered by 4th gen Intel® Core™ processors, delivers effortless touch- and voice-enabled apps and interactive video.

Built-in Visual Features Deliver Stunning Content

The visual features built into the processor deliver everything you need to enjoy a stunning and seamless experience when viewing content on your PC.

Perceptive Devices Support Sensory Interaction

Intel® technology enables perceptive devices to understand sensory input through voice-, touch-, face-, and movement-supported platforms.