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DisplayPort* Electrical System Validation Methodology

White Paper: Describes automatic test hardware and software setup for embedded DisplayPort* validation methodology. (June 2010)

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Sandy Bridge System Agent: BIOS Spec Update

BIOS Specification Update: Sandy Bridge System Agent device and document errata, spec clarifications, and spec changes. (v.001.2, July 2011)

Emerald Lake Customer Reference Board: Symbol Files

Symbol Files: Contains the Cadence* and OrCAD*schematic symbol files for the Emerald Lake customer reference board. (v.001, Feb. 2010)

Huron River Platform: Design Guide

Design Guide: Interface, signal, and thermal guidelines for the Huron River platform, based on 2nd gen Intel® Core™ processor family. (v.2, Mar. 2011)

Huron River Platform: Design Guide Addendum

Design Guide Addendum: Updated recommendations on ECC memory routing guidelines for the Huron River platform. (v.2.1, Mar. 2012)

Huron River Pmax, Tsys, Platform Limiters for Mobile Sandy Bridge

White Paper: Huron River platform general guide to obtain Pmax, Tsys, and Platform Limiters for thermal evaluations. (v.000.5, May 2010)

Huron River Platform Component Thermal Models: User Guide

User Guide: Provides thermal models to simulate, analyze, and optimize solutions for notebooks using the Huron River platform. (Jan. 2010)

Sandy Bridge Thermal Test Vehicle: User Guide

Guide: Describes the thermal test vehicle for Sandy Bridge and explains the different connections and their characteristics. (v.1.1, April 2010)

2nd Gen Intel® Core™ /Intel® Xeon® E3-1200 Processor: Spec, Vol. 2

Spec, Vol. 2: Register, PCI*, and system specs for 2nd gen Intel® Core™ desktop and mobile and Intel® Xeon™ E3-1200 processors. (v.2.2, July 2011)

Intel® 6 Series/Intel® C200 Series Chipsets: Spec Update NDA

Spec Update: Device and documentation errata, and changes for the Intel® 6 Series and Intel® C200 Series Chipsets Spec Rev. 2.1. (v.001, July 2012)