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Intel® Education—Science, Math, and Technology Competitions

Discover all the ways Intel is helping to empower the next generation of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs by sponsoring science competitions.

Healthcare-Friendly Security: Usability with Protection

White Paper: Healthcare-friendly security solutions from Intel Security and McAfee allow healthcare organizations to unify usability and security.

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Line-Rate-Capable NFV Deployments with Intel® Architecture

White Paper: Describes how line-rate-capable NFV deployments with OpenStack* enable high-performance workloads on servers used in telecommunications.

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Creating a Better NFV Platform: Dell, Red Hat, and Intel

White paper: Describes how by using the Intel® ONP reference architecture, Dell and Red Hat have created a better NFV platform that's highly scalable.

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Cisco Systems and Intel Corporation NFV Partnership

White Paper: Describes the NFV partnership between Intel and Cisco Systems and their roles as they seek to improve performance for Service Providers.

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Testing Evolved Packet Core for NFV Mobile Carrier Networks

This paper describes testing an Evolved Packet Core (EPC) running on Intel® Xeon® processors for mobile carrier networks based on NFV.

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HP OpenNFV* Platform and Intel® ONP Transform Networks

White Paper: Develop commercial SDN and NFV solutions to transform networks with the HP OpenNFV* platform, based on the Intel® Open Network Platform.

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Lucera uses SDN to Transform Mission-Critical FSI Networks

Lucera uses cloud-based, high-performance SDN, based on Intel® architecture, to transform mission-critical financial service industry networks.

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Infographic: Unlock SDN and NFV Transformation with Intel® ONP

Shows the benefits of software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) solutions based on Intel® Open Network Platform.

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A Path to NFV Deployments with Intel and OpenStack* Kilo Release

White Paper: Explains Network Functions Virtualization and activities related to OpenStack* Kilo that enable deployment of high-performance workloads.

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