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FIEA Developers Rate Intel® Solid-State Drives an A+: Article

FIEA DeveArticle: Graduate students from the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy perform testing of Intel® SSD against conventional hard drives.

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Intel® SSDs Increase PC Performance, Streamline Music Production

Case Study: WestCoast Cheer Music upgrades music production computers to Intel® SSDs, increasing performance and productivity.

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Data Security Features in the Intel® SSD 520 Series: Tech Brief

Advanced Encryption Standard and ATA drive password security features on the Intel® SSD 520 Series, protect data against malware, lost, or stolen PCs.

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Intel® Solid-State Drive 520 Series: Product Specification

Product Specification: capabilities for SATA-based platforms, delivering I/O and throughput performance, responsiveness, reliability, and ruggedness.

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Intel® Solid-State Drive 520 Series: Spec Update

Update to the Intel® SSD 520 Series Product Specification, including device and document errata, specification clarifications, and changes.

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Intel® Technologies Enhance AutoCAD* 2013 Features

Intel® Xeon® processors speed up renders and graphics, and Intel® SSDs boost load times, improving AutoCAD* 2013’s new features and enhanced workflow.

SSD Intel® Série 520

Oferecendo proteção de dados integrada e desempenho de E/S, a SSD Intel® série 520 oferece potência para aplicativos para games e multimídia que exigem grande quantidade de dados.

Autodesk 3DS Max* Render and the Intel® Solid-State Drive 520

Real-time rendering using the Intel® Solid-State Drive 520 versus 10,000 RPM HDD.

Intel® Solid-State Drive 520 Series: Product Brief

Product Brief: Designed for intense media applications, the Intel® SSD 520 series offers built-in data protection and exceptional performance.

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Expert Overview of the Intel® Solid-State Drive 520

Experts from id Software and Intel on how the Intel® Solid-State Drive 520 allows enthusiasts to write and read large blocks of data.