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Conheça Big Data e cause grande impacto

Descubra como usar a análise de Big Data para gerar percepções que produzam vantagem competitiva.

Cloud Security—Strengthened with Intel

Find out how Intel® cloud security technologies protect data and infrastructure and enable compliance.

Hybrid Cloud Computing Resources for IT Managers from Intel

Find out how hybrid cloud solutions can help you build more flexible, elastic cloud models.

Cloud Computing Technology by Intel

Cloud computing technology: Intel helps to develop a cohesive set of open, well-defined cloud computing solutions across IT infrastructures.

Private Cloud Computing Built to Scale with Intel

Find out how to build private cloud computing solutions on Intel® infrastructure technologies.

The Power of Connectivity in the Auto Industry: Video

Senior Vice President & GM of the Intel IoT Group, Doug Davis demonstrates how Intel can integrate their technologies into a vehicle. (Jun. 2015)

Designing Next-Generation Telematics Solutions: White Paper

Discusses feature and technology trends in the telematics market and how to help developers design innovative systems faster. (v.1, Sep. 2015)

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Energy Efficient Servers with Intel® Xeon® Processors

Strengthen your IT solutions with energy efficient servers with Intel® Xeon® processors.

Open Pluggable Specification - China (OPS-C)

The Open Pluggable Specification – China (OPS-C) helps standardize the development in interactive whiteboard and digital signage markets in PRC.

Digital Signage Open Pluggable Specification - China (OPS-C)

Electrical, mechanical, and thermal specs for interactive whiteboard & digital signage Open Pluggable Specification - China (OPS-C). (v.1, Sep. 2014)

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