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Tecnologias baseadas em hardware Intel® para sistemas inteligentes

Descubra tecnologias baseadas em hardware que reduzem os custos, aumentam a segurança e simplificam o gerenciamento de sistemas inteligentes. (v.1, ago. de 2013)

Data Protection with Hardware-Assisted Security

Intel ensures data protection by consulting with global security experts, supporting key security standards, security innovations, and secure systems.

Activating Intel® Trusted Execution Technology (Intel® TXT)

Follow the steps to activate your Intel® Trusted Execution Technology (Intel® TXT) and explore useful resources to maximize this security solution.

Trusted Compute Pools with Intel® Trusted Execution Technology

Learn how trusted compute pools with hardware-based technology enhance server platform security.

Scalable Trust Provisioning for a Software Defined Architecture

Brief:This solution integrates with IT infrastructure, enabling trusted compute pool infrastructure, geographic fencing of workloads, and attestation.

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Intel Trusted Cloud Deployment Guide

Guide explains how to set up and deploy a trusted cloud solution on bare-metal servers, from Intel, IBM Cloud SoftLayer*, VMware, and HyTrust.

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The Path to a Secure Compliant Cloud with HyTrust and VMware

Solution Brief: Gain a trusted infrastructure with a solution from HyTrust, VMware and that provides data security on a virtualized platform.

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Intel® Trusted Execution Technology Video Collection

Explore a video collection of applications, benefits, and cloud and enterprise security examples for Intel® Trusted Execution Technology.

Securing the Cloud with Intel® Trusted Execution Technology

Usage models around trusted compute pools, secure on-boarding of virtual machines to a cloud environment and auditing of the security.

A Trusted Cloud Solution from HyTrust, VMware, and Intel

The path to a secure, trusted cloud solution giving customers an agile cloud solution based on Intel® technology.

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