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Ferramentas de desenvolvimento de software embarcado incluindo Intel Vtune

Ferramentas de desenvolvimento de software embarcado incluindo Intel Vtune

Microsoft Macro Assembler* Package

Download the Microsoft* Macro Assembler*, a tool that consumes x86 assembly language programs and generates corresponding binaries. (v.008, June 2006)

Designing Embedded Systems for Testability: Application Note

Application Note: Use the test and debug features on Intel® embedded processors and chipsets to design a testable system. (v.001, Oct. 2007)

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Migration Solutions for Embedded Intel® Architecture

Klocwork* analyzes source code and inspects codebase before Intel® architecture migration, minimizing cost, effort, and complexity. (v.001, Oct. 2011)

Customizing Boot Media for Linux* Direct Boot: White Paper

White Paper: Covers Reference Boot Loader from Intel set up method for backup OS with traditional Linux* and direct boot principles. (v.1, Oct. 2013)

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Router Network and Simics* Crystal Forest Platforms Debug Demo

Demos debugging a router network and networking capabilities of two Simics*-run Crystal Forest platforms acting as gateways. (v.001, May 2012)

Simics* Debugging Demo Using Wind River Linux*

Demos how Simics* simulates Crystal Forest devices and runs actual target software to compare behavior to the physical hardware. (v.001, May 2012)

A Tecnologia de simulação Simics* acelerates o desenvolvimento

A tecnologia de simulação de sistema total Wind River* Simics* constroi sistemas virtuais mesmo antes do hardware ser disponibilizado, reduzindo o tempo de lançamento no mercado e custos.

Virtual Platforms Improve Product Development

Atul Kwatra discusses how virtual platforms optimize software and hardware early in the development lifecycle, reducing risks and costs. (Nov. 2011)