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Apresentamos o Ultrabook™

Descubra o Ultrabook™, uma nova categoria de computadores com alta performance e muito estilo, com a 2ª Geração de processadores Intel® Core™.

Cinco dicas para usar os recursos do Windows* 8 como um profissional - Intel

Discover helpful tips and shortcuts that’ll have you using Windows 8 features like a pro whether it’s an Ultrabook™, all-in-one computer or tablet.

O seu entretenimento, do seu jeito

Conecte-se ao seu entretenimento — música, filmes, games e muito mais — do seu jeito com a ajuda da Intel e do Ultrabook™.

The Five Best Online Movie Web Sites

Find the best movie websites online today, then find the right computer that will make streaming movies or downloading movie files a snap.

Online Learning: An Open Course to Success

Online learning is helping students and professionals achieve their educational goals due to the affordability and speed of today's new computers.

Um computador novo que se ajusta a você

Learn about new computer devices including the Ultrabook™ convertible and all-in-one PC to find the one that fits your needs.

The Best Facebook* Games | Intel

Playing the best Facebook* games online just got faster with a new Intel® laptop, all-in-one PC, or Ultrabook™.

Keeping the Beat on the Best Music Download Sites

Find the best music download sites and online Internet radio services, then find the right computer for tuning in to your favorite music.

Sete dos melhores games on-line que não vão custar nem um centavo para você | Intel

Learn about some of the best online games that are available absolutely free and what type of computer to keep up with the high quality graphics.

How to Find the Best Laptops | Intel

The best laptops are powered by Intel. Learn what to look for when selecting which laptop, computer, or Ultrabook™ is right for you.