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Intel® Education—Evaluation

Intel performs rigorous, objective evaluations of the teaching and learning programs we provide.

Ch. 1: 21st Century Education for Student Success Guide

Guide, Ch. 1: Describes how to support a 21st century education with educational technology initiatives, ICT, and student-centered learning.

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Ch. 10: Conclusion, Innovating Together Guide

Guide, Ch. 10: Highlights the need for innovating together to create a successful, ongoing education transformation that improves learning outcomes.

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Ch. 2: Building Success with a Holistic Education Model Guide

Guide, Ch. 2: Discusses a holistic education model to improve student performance through new goals, approaches, and ways of thinking about problems.

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Ch. 3: Role of Leadership in Education for Guiding Systemic Change

Guide, Ch. 3: Discusses the role of consistent leadership in education and a systemic approach for creating transformational changes.

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Ch. 4: Education Policy Making Sets a Framework for Success Guide

Guide, Ch. 4: Education policy making can build a framework that supports changes to align the elements of the Intel Education Transformation Model.

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Ch. 5: Professional Development for Educators Transforms Learning

Guide, Ch. 5: Discusses how professional development for educators provides teachers with the skills to use new learning models, resources, and tools.

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Ch. 6: Curriculum and Assessment for Active Learning Strategies

Guide, Ch. 6: Discusses how to modernize curriculum and assessment frameworks to support 21st century skills and active learning strategies.

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Ch. 7: Information and Communication Technology for Education

Guide, Ch. 7: Describes how to integrate information and communications technology into an effective eLearning environment for personalized learning.

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Ch. 8: Sustainable Resourcing, Consistent Funding for ICT Guide

Guide, Ch. 8: Provides sustainable resourcing strategies and suggestions for budgets that address ICT costs, potential savings, and funding sources.

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