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Guia sobre como transformar a educação para a próxima geração

Os criadores de políticas podem transformar a educação das próximas gerações com este guia sobre a aprendizagem e o ensino com tecnologia.

Leibniz Supercomputing Centre Builds A Powerful World First

Case Study: Leibniz Supercomputing Centre powers the world’s largest Intel®-based supercomputer SuperMUC* on the Intel® Xeon® processor E5 family.

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Criação de protótipos digitais com o processador Intel® Xeon® série 5600

Resumo do produto: As workstations baseadas no processador Intel® Xeon® série 5600 levam o desempenho multitarefa e a flexibilidade para o desktop.

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Video Management Scores More Time for Basketball Team

Case Study: Santa Clara University’s basketball program streamlines video management and reclaims valuable coaching time using a WD Sentinel* server.

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Students Find Inexpensive Alternative for Artificial Coral Reefs

Students JP Biyo, Hazel Hernandez, and Paul Flores create artificial coral reefs using bamboo, boosting marine life in Banate Bay, Philippines.

Runaway Success for Vietnamese Orphanages

Orphan Impact reduces the number of runaways by offering Vietnamese orphanages weekly computer training classes and Intel® classmate PCs.

A Thorny Solution to Deforestation: Saving

Argentinean students use Intel International Science and Engineering Fair project to save local “Crown of Thorns” trees from deforestation.

Educating Bedouin Women: A Sea Change in the Desert

Activist Naema Al-zbede teaches Bedouin women to develop life skills, shape new opportunities, and discover a digital future through technology.

Egyptian Community Learns to Read

Read about the Intel® Learn Program and how students in Egypt help their community by starting a program to teach adults to read.

Intel Education Service Corps

Intel volunteers and NGOs come together through the Intel Education Service Corps to advance education and opportunity in developing regions worldwide