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Three-Pronged Development Strategy Ensures Reliable Systems

White Paper: Complementary components from Intel, Wind River, and McAfee help embedded developers build secure, reliable systems. (v.1, Jan. 2013)

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Guia para o Infográfico da Internet das Coisas

Infográfico: bilhões de objetos on-line, ou a Internet das coisas, estão tornando a Web mais sábia; saiba o que isso significa para o futuro das possibilidades.

A New Industrial Revolution through the Internet of Things

Intel® architecture and technologies for the Internet of Things drive a new industrial revolution by integrating end-to-end intelligence and more.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Demo

Intel’s Automotive Solutions Division demos progress in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, discussing the technology and reference platforms used.

Transform the Consumer Experience | EL20 Digital Signage Solutions

Brief: See Intel® Reference Design for Digital Signage (EL-20), offering cost-effective, feature-rich digital signage solutions in a unified platform.

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Transforming Retail with Big Data

Steve Power Brown explains how Intel® technology helps retailers use big data to build relationships, transforming the retail experience.

Projeto de Referência Intel® IoT Retail Gateway para máquinas de venda inteligente

Solution Brief: Create a digital hotel using digital touchpoints to improve customer experiences and property performance.

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2 in 1 for Sales: Accelerate you Business

Infographic: Deliver new customer experiences and close more sales with real-time inventory lookup on a 2 in 1.

Infiniti InTouch*: Innovation Powered by Intel® Technology

Internet of Things Solutions Group discusses how Infiniti InTouch* informs, assists and entertains the driver and passengers in the car.

ThinkPad* Tablet 2 Reimagines the Customer Experience

Solution Brief: Lenovo and VeriFone join forces to bring the benefits of mobile point of service to the store floor with the ThinkPad* Tablet 2.

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