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Grocery Display Showcases Intelligent Product Labels

A grocery store’s dairy display case uses intelligent shelf labels to give consumers an interactive experience through videos and coupons.

CHARLES* Sets Sights on Tourism Marketing

Solution Brief: Kiosks create tourism marketing opportunities using Intel® Audience Impression Metrics Suite to develop demographic user profiles.

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Wireless Digital Signage Improves Mary Kay* Communications

Mary Kay* broadcasts targeted messages to employees and visitors using the OpenService* wireless digital signage solution based on Intel® processors.

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Connected Retail Platform Encourages Consumer Interaction

A connected retail platform engages consumers to personalize their shopping experience with digital signage for product information.

Intel® Digital Security Surveillance Solutions At-a-Glance

Guide: Intel® Digital Security Surveillance solutions deliver business value by improving safety, security, and efficiency.

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Digital Signage for Growing Businesses

Solution Brief: Digital signage displays and media players provide growing businesses with cost-effective customer and employee communications.

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Digital Signage Market Segment Overview

Solution Brief: Discusses digital signage solutions and market segment growth, with advertising benefits, costs, technology trends, and more.

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Intelligent Converged Retailing Solution

Solution Brief: Intelligent Converged Retailing Solution delivers a consistent customer experience with multi-channel integration software.

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Intelligent Device Management Solution

Solution Brief: Intelligent Device Management solutions improve system manageability and brand engagement, and reduce the complexity of deployments.

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Intelligent Digital Menu Board Solution Increases Sales: Brief

Solution Brief: Panasonic digital menu board* solution increases sales and enables restaurants to change menu boards based on customer demographics.

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