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Games informais a qualquer hora, em qualquer lugar

Desfrute de games casuais em seus dispositivos portáteis e sistemas de games, explore os títulos do centro Intel AppUp® e visualize trailers de games.

Vídeo: The Sartorialist

O blogueiro Scott Schuman, conhecido como "The Sartorialist", compartilha fotos de sua Vida Visual com 70.000 leitores por dia.

Firaxis Optimizes Civilization V* for the Touch Ultrabook™

Case Study: Game maker Firaxis utilizes the advanced performance, graphics, and touch screen of the Ultrabook™ to bring mobility to Civilization V*.

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At iRacing, Life Simulates Art

Case Study: iRacing simulator delivers real-life driving experience on Intel®-based tablets and the Ultrabook™ utilizing Windows 8* touch capability.

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iRacing Brings Simulation Closer to Real Life

iRacing race simulator delivers a real-life driving experience on Intel-based tablets and the Ultrabook™ using the Windows* 8 touch capability.

Rafael Concepcion Expresses Mood in Pictures

Photographer Rafael “RC” Concepcion discusses his HDR image style and how the power and mobility of Intel® Core™ i7 processor enables him to do it.

Access the Gaming World Anywhere with the Intel® VIP Tech Zone App

Rev up the gaming action on your iPhone* or Android* with the Intel® VIP Tech Zone app; see news, reviews, player and team stats, contests, and more.

Improve Device Security: Intel IT Best Practices

To improve device security, we use a security model that calculates which devices can be trusted and moves users to the appropriate security level.

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IT@Intel Technology tips

IT@Intel Technology tips educate and creating awareness on a variety of IT topics for personal and professional use.

Instant Messaging: Intel IT Best Practices

In this IT@Intel Technology Tip, we share several tips for proper and effective instant messaging.

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