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Nuvem segura para dados da saúde

Produza uma nuvem, escalável segura, baseada nos requisitos atuais de TI empresarial.

Business Client Resource Center for IT Managers

Welcome to the Business Client Resource Center.

Intel® Open Network Platform Server Reference Design for SDN, NFV

White Paper: Test and deploy software-defined networking and network function virtualization on Intel® Open Network Platform Server Reference Design.

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QLogic: Design Automation Takes to the Cloud

Case Study: QLogic triples performance of its electronic design automation (EDA) software with Intel® Xeon® processor 5500 series.

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Intel® Xeon® Processor Improves Computing Density, Cuts Costs

Solution Brief: Grand Cloud improves its computing density and optimizes energy use with Intel®-based servers, reducing costs of its cloud platform.

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Intel IT Executive Insights: Maximizing the Business Value of IT

Align IT investments with Intel corporate strategies and better manage IT budget to improve the business value of IT.

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Adopting Software-Defined Networking in the Enterprise

Software-defined networking (SDN) enables on-demand provisioning of networks and network services.

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Enabling the Client-aware cloud

Intel IT is implementing foundation client-aware cloud services to enable the back-end cloud and the front-end client to work together.

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Cloud Insights

Intel IT’s cloud journey has uncovered new pathways and opportunities, leading to self-service, software-defined infrastructure.

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Using Cloud with BYOD - Obtaining Maximum Business Value from Both

Intel IT integrates our cloud computing efforts with our bring-your-own device initiatives, helping Intel obtain the maximum business value from both.

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