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Insights on the Current State of BYOD in the Enterprise

About This Report
Today’s IT managers are struggling to keep up with the fast pace of consumerization. It is being driven by a number of unstoppable forces, from technically savvy workers and younger generations entering the workforce, to a range of innovative devices, such as smart phones and tablets, as well as cloud computing services that are accessible at any time, from any location.

Many associate consumerization directly with “Bring Your Own”—or BYO. However, Intel has a broader definition of consumerization that extends beyond devices to include the entire computing experience: The technology we use in our personal lives—applications, hardware, and even Internet services—has a distinct impact on the technology experience we expect at work.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs, however, are a large part of the consumerization equation. This research explores how IT managers are dealing with BYOD programs in today’s business world.

Read the full Insights on the Current State of BYOD in the Enterprise White Paper.

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