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Five Steps to BYOD Consumerization of IT in the Enterprise Guide

A New Approach to Consumerization
A decade ago, Wi-Fi was considered a new, disruptive technology. Today, it has become the computing norm for casual and power users alike—and it continues to get faster, easier, and even more prolific. Consumerization is on a similar path. Many see it as a growing trend, but it is the single largest disruption to client computing since Wi-Fi—and fast becoming a permanent fixture in the enterprise environment. And it is no trend: Consumerization is here to stay.

Although definitions vary widely, many associate consumerization with “Bring Your Own”—or BYO. However, Intel has a broader definition of consumerization that extends beyond devices to include the entire computing experience: The technology we use in our personal lives—applications, hardware, and even Internet services—has a distinct impact on the technology experience we expect at work.

To address the gap in expectations—and unify the personal and professional technology experience—IT organizations must rethink their approach to managing consumerization. By driving the effort to better align the at-work technology experience with the at-home experience, you can help improve employee morale and increase productivity, all while gaining greater IT security and control. Moreover, by taking a new approach, you will have a powerful opportunity to retain your organization’s reputation as a technology innovator—especially when it comes to BYO.

Read the full Five Steps to BYOD Consumerization of IT in the Enterprise Planning Guide.

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