Teachers Adopt Tablets for Class

Teachers Adopt Tablets for Class

Demonstrating the ease with which Intel®-based touch-enabled computers can be adopted in the classroom, to the benefit of students, teachers, and educational institutions.

It is no exaggeration to say that mobile computing is everywhere—at home, in the office, in coffee shops up and down the high street, and, of course, in schools and colleges. Howev...er, the benefits of mobile computers in a learning environment are multiplied considerably when all students and teachers within a school or college are equipped with compatible devices.

• It enables students to interact with each other and their teachers, collaborate on projects, upload comments and homework, and receive feedback from teachers and peers.
• Teachers can post lesson plans, homework, coursework tasks, and resources for their students to access. They can employ a variety of apps to make teaching more interactive, more engaging, and more rewarding, and share those resources with colleagues.
• As for academic institutions themselves, the advantages of mobile computing, in addition to more engaged students and inspired and inspiring teachers, include more streamlined management, improved connectedness, and better use of existing IT facilities.

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