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10GBASE-T Ecosystem: Ready for Broad Adoption

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10GBASE-T Ecosystem Is Ready for Broad Adoption
10GBASE-T is the standard technology that enables 10 Gigabit Ethernet operations over balanced twisted-pair copper, including Category 6A unshielded and shielded cabling. 10GBASE-T provides great flexibility in network design due to its 100-meter reach capability. 10GBASE-T also provides the requisite backward compatibility that allows most end users to transparently upgrade from their 10/100/1000-Mbps networks. The ecosystem is now in place, and adoption of 10GBASE-T is poised to surge. Many analysts are predicting rapid growth of 10GBASE-T in the coming year. The latest data shows that the price of 10GBASE-T technology is declining dramatically, which is helping increase product demand.
New 10GBASE-T physical layers (PHYs) allow lower-cost and lower-power high-density designs. The latency of the 10GBASE-T PHY has also been improved and allows the building of 10GBASE-T networks to support most of today’s applications. .
10GBASE-T equipment from multiple vendors is available in the marketplace. The equipment includes high-port-density switches, modular-chassis-based switches, network interface cards, Small computer System Interface over IP (iSCSI) storage arrays, and cabling. 10GBASE-T LAN on motherboard (LOM) and higher-port-density switches are expected to become available in the near future, further aiding the adoption of 10GBASE-T. .
An immediate use for 10GBASE-T is to build the data center access-layer network that connects servers to access switches. The data in this article shows a vast number of data center customers need to deploy networks reaching between 18 and 46 meters. 10GBASE-T, along with its corresponding cabling, is the most cost-effective and flexible solution in this length range. With the zone distribution model discussed in this document, 10GBASE-T can be used to build modular and scalable data center networks. .
Using the data and analysis in the following sections, this document concludes that the economic and technical barriers to end-user adoption of 10GBASE-T have been overcome, and 10GBASE-T is moving toward massive deployment. .
Read the full white paper 10GBASE-T Ecosystem Is Ready for Broad Adoption http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/network-adapters/10-gigabit-network-adapters/10gbase-t-ecosystem-commscope-cisco-paper.html