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Optimizing PC Performance with Simple Benchmarking Processes

Optimizing PC Performance

Executive Summary

Intel IT has developed a PC platform performance benchmarking process that enables us to measure, manage, and optimize our client PC builds from the user perspective, resulting in enhanced platform performance and more realistic user expectations.Each new generation of PCs is faster than its predecessor; however, steadily increasing core ap...plication loads often prevent users from taking full advantage of improved hardware performance. As part of an integrated planning and release process, platform benchmarking helps solve this problem, increasing IT efficiency, productivity, and employee satisfaction.

Employees complained that with the IT build installed, their notebook PCs were very slow. We realized that it made good business sense to measure results and use those results to set and manage customer and supplier expectations. Using a combination of off-the-shelf benchmarking tools and in-house scripts, our benchmarking suite allowed us to measure the holistic performance of our IT build in the user’s environment.This novel benchmarking approach is significantly different than the typical IT approach to benchmarking, which measures only technical performance components such as floating-point operation speed or graphic performance. Our unique benchmarking suite combines technical performance measures with functional workloads that users regularly invoke.

We have used the data generated by our benchmarking tools to:
• Provide comparable metrics for new build and application generations.
• Create a process for consistently improving application and platform performance, thereby optimizing user productivity.
• Enable clear internal decision making.
• Generate hard data to facilitate communication with third-party application suppliers.
• Quantify and influence user performance perception.

Read the full Optimizing PC Performance.

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