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SAP In-Memory Appliance Software: Real-Time Business Intelligence

Increasingly sophisticated business-decision models demand real-time manipulation and analysis of massive data stores. Traditional disk-based systems often cannot meet those requirements, creating a lag between data gathering and interpretation that limits solution value.

SAP In-Memory Appliance Software (SAP HANA™) delivers SAP In-Memory Computing technology through an ongoing engineering collaboration between SAP and Intel to provide optimized performance and reliability on Intel® architecture, including the Intel® Xeon® processor E7 family.

The Next-Generation of Business-Data Analysis

SAP HANA is a multi-purpose appliance based on SAP software components installed on servers based on the Intel® Xeon® processor.

Because it is data-agnostic, SAP HANA is designed to be implemented without affecting existing applications or systems. The solution provides a flexible, cost-effective, real-time approach for managing and deriving maximum value from large data volumes.

In the future, SAP HANA will act as the technology foundation for new, innovative business applications for planning, forecasting, operational performance, and simulation.

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