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AutoCont: Delivering Remote Management Services

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AutoCont: Delivering Remote Management Services
Solution Brief: Intel® Core™ i5 and i7 vPro™ processors, Enterprise Client

• Demonstrate capabilities as a trusted IT advisor for the small to medium business (SMB) market segment, with expertise to take advantage of the latest technology developments
• Create ongoing customer relationships by continuing to offer compelling and innovative services
• Empower customers to succeed in a challenging marketplace

• Launch Professional Management Services* platform tailored for SMBs
• Combine options for both reactive and proactive support
• Enable remote management and support with Intel® vPro™ technology

• Immediate response to and resolution of customer IT issues, as if delivered by an in-house IT team
• Expert support and advice enables customers to focus on core business and development for IT peace of mind
• More than 120 customers using new service within the first year

Big Challenges for Small Companies
AutoCont recognized that many of its customers were under pressure in the current economic environment, needing to cut down on costs wherever possible to ensure competitive success. Often, a small organization simply does not have the in-house expertise or experience to efficiently operate a complex IT environment. Even where internal IT resources are available, staff may spend most of their time on running the company’s IT, leaving little left for innovating or enhancing processes. AutoCont saw the need for an IT service aimed at this customer segment. Specializing in developing and providing IT services for customers across the Czech Republic and Slovakia, AutoCont takes seriously the responsibility that comes with its role as a trusted third-party advisor of IT solutions to the SMB market segment.

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