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Instant Back-to-Work Solution for Client PCs

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Business Challenge No matter how skilled a service technician is, sometimes repairs take time to: • Probe and diagnose • Authorize a method of repair • Make the repair One of the most time-consuming repairs is an offline system scan during which the unbooted system disk is scanned for viruses. Even worse is a detailed investigation of the offline system as the service technician manually explores and uncovers malicious files on the system drive. File system scan and repair is another. Yet these repairs occur often and while they are executed, the user is deprived of his or her system—perhaps for hours. This solution blueprint describes a way to boot the affected system to a lightweight, temporary operating system provided by a network-attached image. This lightweight operating system runs from main memory without requiring access to the crippled mass storage device(s). While it provides a way for the repair technician to access the offline mass storage device(s) to make repairs, it simultaneously offers the user a conventional user interface with a Web browser to restore a degree of productivity even while the machine is being repaired. For brevity, and to demonstrate the technique, we are describing a scenario where the user’s temporary work environment is limited to a Web browser. However, the functionality included in the booted network image can be defined and extended to include other applications that may be appropriate and useful during the repair activities. Technology – Console The method described in this solution blueprint can be integrated with many full-feature service consoles or the basic functionality may be realized using no-cost tools from Intel and third parties in conjunction with the client’s own Intel® Advanced Management Technology (Intel® AMT) hosted management interface. There are no hard dependencies on specific management suites or components.