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Remote Power Management of Client PCs

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Business Challenge There’s much debate over how much an organization can save on power by having an enterprise-wide strategy for monitoring the power state of client machines. For example, how much credible savings do technologies such as Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® Technology provide? What about OS-level features such as automatic hibernation and sleep? One thing is certain: a running machine consumes more energy than a sleeping or hibernated machine, and a turned-off machine consumes less. The real issue comes down to the best way to manage client machines if they are unpredictably asleep, hibernated, or even turned off. Intel® vPro™ technology with Intel® Advanced Management Technology (Intel® AMT) has always provided a way to power remote client computers on or off as easily as if their power button were accessible to the service technician. This solution blueprint explains how to extend that capability to include graceful shutdowns to power states other than off, and how to create alarm clock events that run on Intel AMT itself, which you can use to ensure machines are powered on in preparation for scheduled maintenance events. It also discusses a tool to automatically schedule alarm clock events using the management console. This helps ensure that idle machines can spend more of their time in an off, hibernated, or sleeping power state without affecting IT’s ability to effectively manage and administer the entire fleet of machines. The result is a green solution that provides clear cost savings through both reduced power consumption and effective out-of-hours fleet management.