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Remote Re-Imaging of Client PCs: Solution Blueprint

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Business Challenge An intractable problem for an IT group is how to inexpensively maintain distant clients. While clients are healthy and communicating with the network, there are many traditional remote administration solutions. But what if a machine is not healthy—for example, if it has either a blue screen of death (BSOD) or is not turned on? Intel® Advanced Management Technology (Intel® AMT) addresses those problems and more, providing a true full-feature remote administration solution for every Intel AMT-equipped client, regardless of initial state or geography. This enables tremendous savings on operating expenses by reducing the need for expensive client visits from professionally-trained service desk technicians. You can administer a global fleet of clients from a single service desk location, which you can correctly size for the fleet’s service level agreement. This solution blueprint describes how to restore a remote client to service with a full reimage of the operating system with user personalization—no matter what the initial state of the client. Because a client’s initial state is unimportant, the solution even allows you to make a recover using an earlier, unsuccessful reimage task. The only requirement is for the client to be electrically attached to the network with power available. As we describe the solution, we are basing it on a prototypical environment. We have made every effort to select an environment that represents actual networks worldwide. However, the incredible variety of possible networks inevitably means this solution will not precisely fit every network without adaptations. In most cases, the need for adaptation will be minimal.