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Intelligent Consumer Engagement Solutions Increase Sales: Brief

In response to fierce competition from digital retailers, many brick-and-mortar stores are turning to omni-channel solutions designed to combine the best of the virtual and physical worlds. Helping retailers deliver on this brand promise, SapientNitro creates a connected retail experience that provides a seamless journey for th...e consumer. The technology provides an integrated experience across channels, in-store, mobile, and the Web, and remembers customers’ past actions.

Customers entering the store are prompted to connect to free Wi-Fi access, allowing them to browse on their smartphones and log into their online store accounts. A high-definition digital display, powered by a 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processor, invites customers to tap the screen and explore the store’s inventory, both physical and virtual, as an endless aisle display. Gesture-based navigation and 3D demos supply more information for products not found in the actual store, which can also be purchased directly from the screen.

If a customer wants help, tapping the top right corner of the screen summons a sales associate who already has a view of the customer’s profile and past transactions on his or her tablet.

Read the full Intelligent Consumer Engagement Solutions Increase Sales Solution Brief.

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