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Intelligent Endless Aisle Solution for Retail Experience: Brief

Intelligent Endless Aisle Solution Delivers a Converged Retail Experience and Drives New Revenue Opportunities
The solution allows customers to browse for product information, check inventory, compare products, and order out-of-stock items or products not carried in the store.

Today’s consumers have increased expectations for seamless and consistent shopping across all retail touch points, including stores, digital signage, mobile, online, and social networking. The NCR Netkey Endless Aisle* solution helps retailers achieve cross-channel access from which customers receive consistent product information, pricing, and order fulfillment options when they use the in-store kiosk.

The NCR Netkey Endless Aisle solution also addresses a common problem for retailers—that of inventory distortion—defined as the cost of lost sales resulting from out-of-stock merchandise, plus the losses from overstocks that must be deeply discounted in order to sell. According to the IHL Group, this combined annual cost is estimated at $818 billion, increasing by $50 billion each year. An endless aisle kiosk lets customers buy products from across the retailer’s network, and this expanded selection can increase sales revenue, especially for out-of-stock items or products not carried in the store. NCR Netkey Endless Aisle kiosks, powered by Intel® Core™ processors, provide a way for retailers to enhance the customer experience while boosting the bottom line.

Expand selection and revenue
With an endless aisle kiosk, retailers can take advantage of their e-commerce investment to improve product availability and offer customers a broader assortment of goods to choose from without increasing in-store inventory. To quantify the return on investment, NCR Netkey Endless Aisle can generate as much as a five percent uplift in incremental store sales.

Read the full Intelligent Endless Aisle Solution for Retail Experience Solution Brief.

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