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SOLUTION BRIEF Fujitsu* TP-X II 500* and TeamPoS 7000* Series 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor TM Intel® Atom Processors Retail Solutions

“Fujitsu* takes the best available technologies and designs retail solutions that drive down cost and give retailers a competitive edge.” Bruce Donis Vice President of U.S. Retail Sales Fujitsu America Reducing POS System Lifetime Costs with Both Outstanding Performance and Energy Efficiency Fujitsu* multi-function and all-in-one POS systems are at the forefront of computing technology In the past, retailers were hesitant to buy POS systems designed with cutting-edge computing technologies, preferring instead computing platforms with a well-established track record. These attitudes have changed, and today, retailers are looking to invest in the latest technology in order to benefit from lower total cost of ownership (TCO), more capability and longer useful lifetimes. A prime example is the power-efficient performance of new computing technologies, which translates into lower TCO though lower utility bills and higher system reliability. With the latest Intel multi-core desktop processors it’s possible to get both high performance and low power consumption; whereas a few years back, POS systems needed a mobile processor to achieve energy efficiency targets. Taking a bite out of TCO, Fujitsu* engineered its latest multi-function and all-in-one POS systems with innovative technologies that help prevent early obsolescence, minimize on- site repair calls and save energy. Built for long life, the Fujitsu* TP-X II 500* and TeamPoS 7000* Series have ample performance headroom for future business needs, thanks to powerful, yet energy-efficient, 2nd generation Intel® Core™ and Intel® Atom™ processors. These POS terminals lower maintenance costs by supporting remote manageability and tool-free serviceability. Further improving TCO, the systems dissipate less heat than prior series for a cooler operating environment, which typically increases system stability and reliability. This solution brief outlines some of the features and technologies retailers should include on their ‘must-have’ list to maximize their return on investment. Factors: Total Cost of Ownership Computing Headroom POS Terminal Scalability Manageability Energy Efficiency Reliability Table 1. Key Total Cost of Ownership Factors Benefit • Extend POS terminal useful lifetime with spare processor computing power for future application functionality. • Enhance the customer experience with more compelling multimedia, like digital signage and attractive video displays. • Protect POS investments with an upgrade path: memory, peripherals and application integration. • Avoid having legacy equipment delay new storefront functionality (e.g., gift registry, loyalty programs). • Save service costs by reducing on-site service calls. • Simplify system inventory and software distribution by controlling POS terminals from a centralized location. • Lower utility costs using terminals with the latest CPUs that go to “sleep” during off-peak hours and consume less power than earlier CPUs. • Decrease energy consumption by allowing IT personnel to remotely power off terminals after hours. • Keep service costs down with terminals designed and built to endure the harsh retail environment. • Minimize overheating risk with terminals that eliminate ventilation requirements. Cost Saving Opportunities Today’s dynamic retail market features an explosion of new in-store devices and applications, all intended to improve the customer experience and drive profitability. Playing an expanded role, “Point of Sale” devices are now becoming Read the full SOLUTION BRIEF Fujitsu* TP-X II 500* and TeamPoS 7000* Series 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor TM Intel® Atom Processors Retail Solutions.

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