One Convenient Subscription. Many Protected Devices.

Discover the ease of McAfee® LiveSafe™ service and built-in Intel® security technologies

For Your Data, Your Identity, and All Your Devices

McAfee® LiveSafe™ service works with the latest security technologies from Intel to help protect all aspects of your digital life. You get the deepest protection available—including multiple lines of defense that take advantage of the security technologies already built into the latest Intel® Core™ processors.

Imagine being able to surf, shop, bank, share, and go anywhere online knowing that your data, your identity, and all your devices are secure. McAfee LiveSafe service fits the way you live, so you’ll feel confident in every device you use.

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One Subscription Protects Everything

Whether 2-in-1, laptop, or tablet —they’re all covered. Whatever device or combination of devices you use, McAfee® LiveSafe™ service makes it easy to protect, manage, and monitor them all from a single website.

Peace of Mind Online

McAfee® LiveSafe™ service secures your devices by instantly detecting and blocking viruses, spyware, and malware. Browse the web knowing that you’ve locked out hackers and thieves.

Safeguard Your Most Sensitive Data

Seal your sensitive files and documents in an online safety deposit box—one that’s secured by voice and face recognition. Biometric authentication technology ensures that only you can access your files. Plus, McAfee LiveSafe service goes one step further: If you have an 2-in-1, laptop, or tablet or a latest generation Intel® Core™ processor-based PC, McAfee LiveSafe service will authenticate you using Intel® Identity Protection Technology (Intel® IPT)1 instead of your PIN, so you do not need to enter anything.

Manage Passwords with Ease

Store, manage, and access your passwords from anywhere. McAfee® LiveSafe™ service securely stores usernames and passwords for all your favorite sites. Plus, it automatically logs you in. That means you can maintain strong, unique passwords for all of your accounts, but you’ll only have to remember one.

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Receive Help at Any Time

McAfee’s specially trained pros are ready to provide free technical support and answer all your security- and cybercrime-related questions.

Informações de produto e desempenho


Nenhum sistema pode fornecer segurança absoluta sob todas as condições. Requer um sistema habilitado para Tecnologia de Proteção de Identidade Intel® (Intel® IPT), que inclua a 2ª geração ou superior do processador Intel® Core™, chipset, firmware, software e website participante habilitados. Consulte o fabricante do seu PC. A Intel não assume qualquer responsabilidade por perda ou roubo de dados e/ou sistemas ou quaisquer outros danos resultantes. Para obter mais informações, visite