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Education Office Gets Smart about Backup

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Education Office Gets Smart About Email Backup

Napa County Office of Education backs up all email boxes with Western Digital’s WD Sentinel* small office storage server; reduces storage costs and speeds up PC support with remote web access.

he Napa County Office of Education (NCOE) provides financial services (budgeting, payroll, retirement accounting and grants review) to the five public school districts in Napa County, California. Included in these districts are 50 schools and 7 pre-schools. NCOE provides support for nearly 250 staff members and more than 3,700 students. The IT staff of just five people supports nearly 900 networked devices, including 714 student and staff PCs, 71 servers and dozens of printers, routers, and switches—all on a very lean budget.

In the education environment we never have enough money, so we have to work smarter, not just harder,” says Brian Dake, Director of Information Technology for the Napa County Office of Education.

In the case of backup, “smarter” meant finding a more cost-effective way to backup email boxes, which is essential to comply with regulatory requirements. The organization’s 25 most important e-mail users--the executive staff--used so much of its mail database storage (50 percent) that the county office did not have sufficient infrastructure capacity in place to backup the other 225 e-mail boxes. This presented a potential issue in the event of a request to reproduce email messages.

Read the full Education Office Gets Smart About Email Backup case study: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/storage/storage-atom-wd-napa-county-study.html