Modern Manageability

Intel® Active Management Technology

Whether they're at home or halfway around the world, today's employees are increasingly mobile. The Intel vPro® platform, featuring the modern manageability tools of Intel® Active Management Technology,1 makes it easy for IT to support worker productivity. And now, the Intel® Endpoint Management Assistant (Intel® EMA) tool lets IT remotely and securely manage devices, inside and outside the firewall, over the cloud.

Get Remote Manageability at the Edge

Intel® Active Management Technology, included as part of the Intel vPro® platform, which spans Intel® Core™ vPro® processors and Intel® Xeon® processors, helps reduce overall PC maintenance and administrative costs. With features to remotely discover, repair, and help protect networked computing assets, Intel® Active Management Technology allows IT Ops to support a mobile workforce.

Deploy Powerful Remote Control

Hardware-based Intel® Active Management Technology provides persistent out-of-band connectivity that operates independently of the OS, allowing fixes to a wider range of systems issues, even when the OS is down. Repair corrupted drivers, application software, or the OS on non-responsive systems that won't run or boot or use KVM to monitor OS upgrades or boot to the system BIOS.

Intel vPro® platform's modern manageability tools provide remote access to headless devices, such as smart vending machines, remote/digital billboards, or Intel Unite® software hubs in conference rooms.

Over the Cloud Manageability

Intel® Endpoint Management Assistant (Intel® EMA) software gives IT the ability to remotely and securely manage Intel® Active Management Technology devices beyond the firewall via the cloud on known Wi-Fi networks.

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Meet the Demands of the Modern Workforce

Rely on remote manageability from the Intel vPro® platform with Intel® Active Management Technology and Intel® Endpoint Management Assistant (Intel® EMA) software to take control of your company's devices.

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Manage Devices More Easily

Save time, increase security, and improve remote maintenance with modern manageability, included in Intel vPro® Intel® Active Management Technology.

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Optimize PC Management with Intel® Active Management Technology

Part of the Intel vPro® platform, Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT), and Intel® Endpoint Management Assistant (Intel® EMA) empower IT with business-enabled tools to monitor, restore, upgrade, and help protect devices both inside and outside the corporate firewall.

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Cut Factory Costs and Increase Efficiency with Remote Device Management

Intel conducted a successful proof of concept in our factories with more than 1000 computers. The Intel vPro® Platform Solution Manager proved simple, cost effective, and effective in identifying problems early, remotely managing devices, and diagnosing and repairing problems.

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Advantages from Upgrading with the Intel vPro® Platform

Newer hardware powered by Intel vPro® brings huge advantages in TCO, productivity, security, and manageability.

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Case Studies

Intel vPro® Platform Helps Law Firm Keep Data Secure

Intel® Core™ vPro® processor-based laptops help employees at the law firm — Lancaster, Brooks & Welch LLP to be mobile, all the while staying efficient and productive, and delivering exceptional customer service.

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Intel vPro® Platform Helps Lightbridge Academy Focus on Future

Intel® Core™ vPro® processor-based PCs help the staff at Lightbridge Academy stay efficient and productive, and to leverage technology to develop the leaders of tomorrow today.

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Tools for Getting Started with Intel® Active Management Technology

Intel provides multiple resources that make implementing Intel® Active Management Technology actionable. With step-by-step videos, guides, and expert assistance you can see the benefits of Intel® Active Management Technology quickly and on your terms.

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Start with the Foundation of Business Computing: The Intel vPro® Platform

Streamline productivity with the fast, responsive performance necessary for serious business compute. Get in front of threats with hardware-enhanced security and reduce IT operating costs with modern manageability.

Intel® Hardware Shield Helps Provide a Secure Platform Foundation

Hackers are looking for new areas of the PC to attack, including the BIOS. Intel® Hardware Shield, exclusive to the Intel vPro® platform, helps reduce the attack surface of the BIOS and protect your mobile workforce, no matter where they take their PC.

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PC Lifecycle Management with Intel® Stable Image Platform Program (Intel® SIPP)

Intel® Stable Image Platform Program (Intel® SIPP) enables a predictable transition from one technology generation to the next.

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Informações de produto e desempenho


Requer ativação e um sistema com uma conexão de rede corporativa, um chipset habilitado para Intel® AMT, hardware de rede e software. Para notebooks, a tecnologia Intel® AMT pode estar indisponível ou limitada em uma VPN baseada em SO host, quando a conexão é feita sem fio, usando apenas bateria ou em estado de repouso, hibernação ou desligado. Os resultados dependem do hardware, da instalação e da configuração. Para obter mais informações, consulte o site


Os recursos e benefícios das tecnologias Intel® dependem da configuração do sistema e podem requerer hardware habilitado, software específico ou ativação de serviços. O desempenho varia dependendo da configuração do sistema. Nenhum produto ou componente pode ser totalmente seguro. Consulte o fabricante ou o revendedor de seu sistema ou saiba mais em


O Controle Remoto KVM (teclado, vídeo e mouse) está disponível exclusivamente nos processadores dual-core Intel® Core™ i5 vPro™ e Intel® Core™ i7 vPro™ com placas gráficas ativas integradas. Não oferece suporte a placas gráficas separadas.


Os cenários de redução de custos descritos destinam-se a servir de exemplos de como um determinado produto baseado na Intel®, dentro das circunstâncias e configurações especificadas, pode afetar custos futuros e oferecer economia de custos. As circunstâncias variarão. A Intel não garante nenhum custo ou redução de custo.