Automotive Security Review Board

The Automotive Security Review Board (ASRB) researches and collaborates to improve automotive security products and technology. Bringing together top, worldwide cyber-physical systems security industry talent, ASRB researchers perform ongoing security tests and audits to codify best practices and to design recommendations for advanced cyber security solutions and products to benefit the auto industry, as well as drivers.

With the help of the ASRB, Intel can establish security best practices and encourage making cyber security an essential ingredient in the design of every next-generation car. Together, we can manage complexity more quickly and deliver solid solutions.

ASRB will conduct research on Intel-provided automotive advanced development platforms, and findings will be publicly shared as part of an ongoing process. Contact your Intel representative for more information, and check back here for updates on ASRB activities, findings, and future plans.

In early 2016, Intel hosted the Automotive Security Research Workshops in San Diego and Barcelona with a goal of making transportation safer by advancing knowledge around security threats, vulnerabilities, and mitigation strategies while identifying areas for future research. During these workshops, engineers, students, cryptographers, and other researchers from around the globe collaborated on an Intel and Linux*-based in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) simulation platform, competing for prizes while engineering staff from Intel’s Transportation Solutions Division and Wind River Systems helped guide research. In addition to workshops, Intel is assisting with the formation of the Automotive Security Review Board (ASRB). Stay updated with the ASRB’s progress as the board’s plans emerge to support research geared toward making the next generation of transportation even more secure.

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